Picture Frames


There are 7 different frames available. Some of these can be turned into picture frames with the picture set in resin.

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               This is what they look like as mini picture frames.                           This is what they look like as a  pendant.




These are a custom order only.  All the frames start as pendents and can have a cabochon glued in or a picture set in resin. For a picture you would e-mail a digital image to sherry@wirenbeads.com or mail me your picture ( would be returned with finished piece) I would scan it into my computer and then print it on special photo paper and set it in resin. Allow 1 to 2 weeks to make. Order how many you want than email me the frame number(s) you would like and if you want a pendant or a picture frame.

I can turn frames two, three, five, six and seven into mini picture frames.

Also would make cute Christmas tree ornaments by tying a ribbon though the bail of the pendant.