About Us

My jewelry consists of artistic wire work and wire designs to enhance and embellish various jewelry grade stones. The wire is either 14k gold filled,  sterling silver or a compilation of the two. I also have some pieces that are wrapped in Gold or Silver plated wire as well as copper.

Using various techniques, I manipulate wire of various gauges, styles and strengths to “Wrap” a stone in such a fashion to draw attention to the beauty of the gem. Additionally I try to create a more fluid design individual to each item so as to create a “Sculpted” appearance in its own right.

Each item is selected and each design is created to show its own unique characteristic and no two items will ever be exactly alike.

If you have any question about an item please email me at sherry@wirenbeads.com. I will make custom orders.  So if you see a style that you like but would like a different stone or would like it all Gold Filled or all Sterling Silver please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to shop with me.